Although surrounded by many small localities equally very attractive and amazing, the capital of Royan at the "Côte de Beauté" has a special appointment in an environment where air and earth meets the sea, at every hour of the day or night.

Royan life focuses around a main artery which is the boulevard Aristide Briand which extends from the beautiful covered market, symbolizing the heart of Royan, to the cafes and restaurants at the waterfront bordering the beach.

This boulevard is a business artery through its various banking institutions, by its multiple storefronts, and nice relaxing in cafes, while daydreaming about small pleasures, occupies an essential place in the heart of the city of ROYAN.

In the center of Royan, halfway from Central Market and the waterfront, visitors can discover a hotel of 20 rooms, the situation is very envied. ABACUS HOTEL (formerly name : Hotel Vialard has an ideal location with free parking on the boulevard Aristide Briand and allows to enjoy the city at all hours, without the inconvenience of searching for parking. We like to inform our very kind clients that our establishment is not adapted to receive disabled persons.

This hotel is opened all the year through and you enjoy the quiet of the place from which you can admire the night illumination of the city from your room.

Upstairs the terrace you can start the day with a nice breakfast in the sun, then to continue these moments of relaxation accompanied by refreshments. If, however, our friend the sun betrayed us, a small lounge open its doors for the same benefits.

ROYAN and Abacus Hotel are waiting for you to wish you “WELCOME” and receive your confidence.

To this end, the Hotel ABACUS is proud to offer a refreshment to customers who can clarify the definition of the name Abacus that will remain etched in their memory.

Your turn now, hoping to see you very soon, and thanks for giving us a moment of attention.